The Crystal and transparent winter slipped away unconsciously, and the spring on solar terms quietly entered people’s hearts. However, the real spring warmth was still strolling towards the journey of hope in people’s hearts. The Earth is like a cold and humorous huge colored clay, with brown, red, gray and dark brown, which is natural […]

The memory of snow

Long time no snow. Yesterday, it snowed heavily all morning, waving like thousands of butterflies flying all over the sky. After sending the children back, walking on the snow, those white fairies in winter, like naughty children one by one, kept drilling on my head, clothes and arms. They were shaken off, and soon, they […]

Waiting for visas day

Farewell to relatives and friends, the days of leaving hometown are getting closer and closer, and the sense of loss in my heart is becoming stronger and stronger. But the visa didn’t come for a long time. I felt panic in my heart. I was really annoyed, very annoyed. It is said that being a […]

Scattered time

About Family affection: in the morning, I am wake up in a state of silence. I don’t have to get up early for more than half a month. Without the constraint of time, it is really easy for people to be distracted, I feel that I have been in this state for a while. I […]

Walking on the journey of life

6 yue 13 ri afternoon 14:30 in huilongwan small station drive away Luzhou Wine City, don’t know is excited or melancholy? The highway like a long dragon stretches continuously to Shangyu in the distance. The car is driving fast, walking in my life journey, looking at the scenery passing by quickly outside the window, heart […]


Autumn is a cold season, a harvest season, and even a Xiao cha season. For autumn, different people will have different experiences, different understandings and draw different conclusions. Walking beside the road, seeing the rustling leaves falling down, people’s hearts could not help feeling more sad and sad. The leaves began to wither, the cold […]

The softest part of the heart

Time went by day and night, and the crowd was bustling and noisy. In this way, a heart ran in a hurry following the years. A group of flying birds circling in the Sky led their sight to the nothingness of distant places. When did I am stand here? Like a statue with big eyes […]

Who is the friend deleted from your memory

One day, I suddenly picked up my mobile phone and opened the phone book. There were hundreds of people in it. I counted them carefully. There were only a dozen people I often contacted, who is the friend deleted from your memory. Our time is full of classes and extracurricular activities, and sometimes we even […]

Fish Sleep

Mr. Zhou interrupted me who was looking for a TV program. I was very surprised, and then I was dubious: no way? Sir asked me to see it by myself. As expected, at the leaning corner under the rain Stone, the fish closed his eyes leisurely and looked carefully. It breathed and sucked rhythmically, and […]

Really miss you

Clear Sky, Emei month hung low in the sky, stars scattered in the sky. On the midsummer night, I strolled along the pavement, and many thoughts lingered in my heart, wriggling. Looking up at the stars in the sky and the white clouds floating in the sky, maybe I am as romantic as the leisure […]