Diary recording mood

Diary is a record of life, a reflection of soul, a reflection of one’s own life, a sketch of tomorrow’s life, a yearning for the future and a beautiful vision. It can be said that I am prefer to write diaries. From the first grade of junior high school to now, as long as there […]

Love you for thousands of years

There was silence all around. The night in the suburb was especially silent, and there was no sound of fallen leaves. Looking up, I could only see the thin moon hanging quietly. The beauty of the world cannot let go of the blurred and soft beauty of the moonlit night. I haven’t written for a […]

A pot of tea for my leisure time

What I liked at first was not drinking tea. I felt that drinking tea in my impression was the business of the old people. In summer, during the slack season, I sat around the big tree and shook the Pu fan, take a small clay pot or teapot leisurely, simply and simply chewing the bitter […]

Regret is also a kind of beauty

Regret is a must in life. Knowing regret and tasting regret means knowing life. Life is not perfect, and life is not perfect either. Regrets and deficiencies always exist. Through the tunnel of time, through the washing of time, I gradually found that many precious things missed me and took away many beautiful things that […]

Marriage like Battlefield

Not long ago, I talked with a friend about how to get along with each other, which was quite similar to her. In fact, the most important contradiction between each family is how to get along with each other. From two strangers to sharing the same bed, to mutual help, even holding hands to the […]

Not brave enough

I am afraid that the days are empty, and the people around me can’t speak together. Their growth hides the unknown wounds of each other. I am only sad occasionally, sorry for their contribution to myself. Always like this, don’t guess how good it should be to wear, say love that I like but can’t […]

Mobile phone disturbance in Ward

After being admitted to the ward of the hospital of No. 1 Medical College in Shashi City, the next bed was an enthusiastic and talkative aunt who just had a complicated nasal cavity operation and was still a fellow villager in Jiangling. Seeing I am new comer, my aunt took the initiative to introduce me […]

Sound of Heaven

If you live for a day, you are blessed and should cherish it. When I cried that I had no shoes to wear, I found someone had no feet. Arrogant people are saved, while self-abased people are not. Only when you know yourself, subdue yourself, and change yourself can you change others. Don’t be dissatisfied […]

I am not used to life, but to love

Yiyi is a woman who is good at both poetry and literature in the ancient capital Xi’an. I have never seen the beauty, but I have seen a few Jade photos, elegant and elegant. What impressed me most was her sincerity to her friends. But there was nothing I could do about her illness, so […]

Find shortage, Zhige

Looking for famine, looking for the quietness of the soul, with sunshine, warm sun, breeze, and you, we will go together to find the peace we desire in the small world abandoned by people. Stop the fight, let the anxiety and annoyance be abandoned in the misty fog, waiting for the caress of sunshine, and […]