Strings falling tenderness

Gentle breeze, mixed with the red light of the Rising Sun, reflects on the sparkling lake surface. On the lake, there were her smile, his smile and my smile. The night quietly covered the sky with a black coat. Not far away, under the pavilion with fallen leaves scattered, a graceful woman stroked the strings […]

Broken Words Before Dawn

Late at night on weekends, it was very quiet after the noise, so quiet that no extra noise could be heard. I am not a night owl, but I like to indulge occasionally and talk with the night all night long. Walking towards the balcony, I felt the rare tranquility quietly. Looking up, I could […]


Pain, pain, pain! This kind of feeling is not the first time. It is just like acupuncture, and sometimes it is like knife, axe and saw. I know that this is the mark left by life and another form of experiencing life. I don’t know I am should appreciate life or hate life? As long […]

First drop of tears

In the first half of 1997, I graduated from primary school and took a vacation for more than two months. I was bored and bored, and there was nothing to do. Maybe it was because I stayed at the grade twice in primary school, or I was not motivated at the primary school stage, and […]

Have you ever remembered Xia Yuhe in Daming Lake?

Daming Lake, I’m coming, quietly. I don’t want to disturb you. I really admire you for a long time. Finally, on the third day of the Lunar New Year in, our whole family went out together to visit you, visit you, your natural lake. You, a long-known beautiful lake, came to you quietly in a […]

Winter Warm Sun

On winter night, the cold wind blows gently, and the moon is as quiet as water. I stood in silence in front of the window, and a burst of heart-wrenching pain came to my heart; I suddenly remembered that I hadn’t walked hand in hand with you for a long time, that long path, listening […]

Constant care

2012 nian 1 yue 1 ri. Midnight. Under the call of expectations, the new year finally came. In a flash, 2011 was already a year that was once and was about to be forgotten. Time, like leakage sand, 1.1 drop, from fingers passage, year after year, day after day, never stopped. At the end of […]

Childhood ferry

I don’t know why, every time when I am busy and exhausted, or when I lose something in my heart, I will think of the ferry in my childhood by accident. I just want to go back to that old street and take a childhood ferry to cross the other side I wanted to go. […]

Cherish life

Sister Wang opened a sweat steaming restaurant in her house. I often went to her house, and we became friends one after another. A few days ago, she went to her daughter’s home in Beijing, and naturally the responsibility of taking care of her shop fell on my shoulder. Her family has several pots of […]


Start to reply text messages and phone calls selectively. For those who don’t want to pay attention to it for the time being, let each other hold each other quietly. Can leave. Not retaining. I have have nothing. What else will I fear. It just rained heavily. The whole world is blacklisted. Is the weather […]