Loved Only informed heavy, drunk square know wine thick

At night, the moon is as before. I lit a cigarette and sat in front of the computer, looking at the stars all over the sky outside the window. I really envied that the stars in the sky could accompany the moon around, but I could only wait silently for you in the distance. Drunk […]


Willow swaying, guying accompanying. One person escaped from the downtown and walked quietly in the silent alley. The memory of childhood, the aftertaste of youth, the experience of youth and the experience of adulthood, like this narrow lane road, walk step by step. Looking up at the night sky, the stars scattered all over the […]

From the perspective of music appreciation (piano stage art)

In the second training session of the provincial national tax Union Cadres, one class was arranged for music appreciation. The teacher started with serious music and gave his own opinions from the perspective of the relationship between literature and music, in the continuous playing of music clips, students can distinguish the different applicability of music […]

I only read leisure books in my hometown

Standing in front of the window of the hotel, I overlook the wine to the sky, the misty and rainy world, and the clouds and water wandering. I have been to Wuxi for many times. I have been familiar with Yuantouzhu, Lingshan Giant Buddha, Three Kingdoms city, Water Margin City, Huishan Park where a Bing […]

Marriage and Love

Life is like a train, full of the desire and emotion of life. We are all individual tourists of life, carrying different destinations. We keep running and accelerating every day without starting, it is not over either. Love is waiting and staying one after another, and getting close and far step by step. Love and […]

Snow essays

I like snow and its white color; I like its glittering and translucent; I like its quietness; I like its dancing posture; I like its elegance. Whenever it snows, I will run to the wild, quietly, silently staring at its beautiful image. Look at its flawless, its tranquility and Clea, let snowflakes kiss my cheek, […]

I am Cancer

Many people have told me that it is very unreliable to associate your life with the stars in the sky. However, I want to say, what is really reliable in this world? It is said in philosophy that everything in the world is connected and there is no absolute break. I believe in constellation, but […]

Perception of life

I often stop my hurried steps and look back at the coming road. The destination is either deep or shallow footprints. Standing in the sky, the mood is complex, not only the joy of harvest, but also the regret that wish is difficult to achieve. However, after all, the passing of time is not transferred […]

Similarities and differences between secretaries and eunuchs

Eunuchs were special occupations serving the emperor in ancient times. Being eunuchs did not worry about food, clothing, housing and transportation. They had lost themselves spiritually and were not allowed to have themselves in materials, because they had been castrated, their back Road could only be pinned in the Palace (they were still selfish, except […]

Finishing room mood

For a long time, I don’t like to clean up the room. I always feel tired and lazy. Looking at the messy house, I could only roughly return the items to the right place, and simply wipe them with a mop for a few times, then it was over. This kind of environment often makes […]