Young not sorrow taste

Every year spring festival soon after, mother is slipping for first half months of food worry. My nine-year-old that year, of his age as his father money for treatment, can only watch let go away, mother weak shoulders bear a poor family. Mother to our brothers sister raised, Day agrocybe between busy, night kerosene lamp […]

Review of Education inspiring life

The more natural it is, the more it belongs to the essence of my life and the more emotional it can affect my life. Open the book “education inspires Life” written by Professor Guo Sile, and read the sentence which makes me excited at the beginning. The book uses abundant examples to reflect students’ positive, […]

Those chores about white wine

In the past, we always respected the three principles of no smoking, no playing cards and no drinking. I have been working at the grass-roots level for three years, and I often contact with some colleagues who are very good at drinking. I have to drink something because of my own situation. I haven’t figured […]


Such a quiet night. The Moonlight is getting cooler and cooler, like the clear glow of water splashing in my heart, which is stored into a pool of sad memories. Looking up at the bright moon, I feel like a lifetime. Occasionally, there came a few loud and small, light and heavy human voices mixed […]

Static Line in lawn

The raindrops before Tomb Sweeping Day poured over the business lawn, and the glittering and translucent raindrops bent the green grass tip. The wind blew by, and the lawn under the moonlight was covered with blue waves. There are no summer mosquitoes, no autumn leaves everywhere, and no pungent winter wind on the lawn on […]

I miss you

On the Last Night Of, Xuan pulled a few friends to say that they were going to celebrate the New Year. Of course, I was willing to accompany each other, so several people sang on YY until late at night. When 2012 came, I received a group of text messages from several friends. It seemed […]

Field blowing

The day before yesterday, my mother said to me: the small pool beside the ground is full of silt. You can dig it when you are free. I replied casually: Oh, I see. My mother was just like this. She was over sixty years old, and she got up early and came back late. She […]


While chatting on the Internet, brother Dong and I were sitting in front of the windowsill behind the desk, basking in the sun lazily. Brother Dong is a female poet, whose writing style is extremely good. He should feel my spare time, so he proposed to invite several pen friends to write an article with […]

Heart essays

Looking at the lonely bare branches outside the window, my heart was also desolate and inexplicably Slim. Maybe it was the cold winter that injected a cold part into my heart and added some sadness to my heart, maybe because I care too much about something, I can’t let go for a long time. At […]

Who can keep that tree bright

I remember an ancient poem saying that the wind in February and spring is like scissors. I have to admire the talent and learning of the Ancients when I think about it. Yes, the spring breeze from ancient times still plays the role of scissors, cutting carefully in this land full of praises. Looking at […]