Happiness is a state of mind

I saw such a fairy tale in a student’s book “Reading and Writing”: Little Fox went to the forest driving school to learn driving. He thought it was too good, and I was going to learn a skill. It was very hard to learn to drive. Before dawn, little monkey was going to the driving […]

Looking back

Ups and downs, looking back at 2011, unbearable words! Time gives me a calm vicissitudes and a kind of indifferent helplessness. Hurry, walk by, pain, faint, capricious. The Dream of the past was just like the reed flowers in the late autumn, blown by the wind gently, lifting the silent melancholy. Looking back at the […]

I just want to keep warm snow fragrance

Overturn the salt pool of Xianshan Mountain, wondering Chang ‘e’s tears and deep feelings. Pear flowers were scattered in early spring and February, and the sky would cover the harvest year with Ruixue. The snow is full of Sichuan, the world is clean, the plain makeup is elegant and the spring comes back. The town […]

Thick tea Love

Red sleeves add fragrance the seven words of reading in the night create the beauty of the dark fragrance of the book at night, which is a beautiful situation that makes people think and want to get drunk. I spent about 300 days in the pure paradise of the literary world of “red sleeves add […]

Listen to birds

There is a big tree outside the office window, and a group of unknown birds perched on the branch. These birds chirped and sang on the branches like a group of innocent and happy children. When I opened the window and saw the twittering birds, I felt a little happy in my heart. I wanted […]

I hope have a good mood

There is always such a phenomenon in life, that is, whenever a friend around him makes an outstanding achievement or has a good choice, it will have different responses to many people around. Some people envy, some praise, some compliment, some feel emotional, and some feel guilty. Seeing others are similar to themselves at ordinary […]

Tree rings deep running

The winter in the South is always so wet and cold, which makes people feel that the blood and bones are filled with chill. Two days ago, it seemed to have snowed. The reason why there seems to be a feeling is that it is closed in the middle of doing official articles on the […]

liu yue tian, guo yun yu

“1 」 The climate of this city is becoming more and more abnormal, half hot and half cold, with severe polarization. Just like the mood at some time, it seems that there is only the alternation of sunny days and rainy days, with great ups and downs. There were too many heavy rains in this […]

Qing Huan

The drizzle and slanting wind make the dawn cold, and the light smoke is sparse and the willow is beautiful and sunny. The journey into Huai River and qingluo is long, the snow foam milk flowers float in the afternoon, and the Polygonum Formosa bamboo shoots try the spring plate. The taste in the world […]

Light rain, not into snow

You can never understand how I waited for the first snow, just like you never knew where the snow queen hid your exclusive Gaye. The previous period, the one with you, the one with me, the one with us, the one about the first snow, when the snowflakes are flying again, when the fingers touch […]