Women · coffee pot

I like coffee first because. That unique fragrance. The color of the coffee is dignified, revealing depression and coldness, just like a woman who has ever gone through the sea. You can’t help touching her. You treat her, she also treats you, you treat her loneliness, he read your vanity. — Text: you can penetrate […]

Looking back, my lovely fleeting time

When I was young, I wished my parents could take me with them when they went out; But now, I wish my parents could leave me at home, which is both clean and carefree on the Internet. When I was young, as long as the exam was not the first in the class once, I […]

Life moved

In the early summer season, I often went for a walk, along the woods and Riverside, listening to the sound of running water, stepping on the soft, wet land, looking up at the forest like a forest, the lush branches rushed to the sky, stretching to my heart. I felt an impulse in my heart, […]

American chocolate

During my long 18-year hotel career trip, I was deeply impressed by two bosses. One is a strict teacher who taught me the operation and management knowledge of hotels many years ago, emphasizing the role of strict and complete management system in hotels and paying attention to the professional degree of managers in enterprises, professional […]

A person’s Festival

I am used to watching the sunrise and sunset alone, coming and going alone, indifference and silence, I am more accustomed to some feelings about life written on the website during the Spring Festival in recent years. Only when one is quiet at midnight can you have many surging thoughts, when a person is in […]

Near scenery

On Sunday, the autumn wind is cool, and the golden chrysanthemum is fragrant. It has been rainy for several days, and now it is sunny, the temperature is pleasant, there is no sun, and it is suitable for traveling. Without surfing the Internet, I drove through the suburb of Pudong to the countryside. Open the […]


Yesterday afternoon, several female friends were drinking tea together. Somehow they talked about the Dream of Spring. They talked happily, you hugged me, I giggled and fell on you. Seeing my friends so happy, I couldn’t help smiling. I came back to bed at night, stared at the ceiling, and secretly swore that I must […]

When it is pink and willow green again, you will get drunk

The wind of March has not stopped yet. April Comes Quietly. Look, it is more like a naughty child, looking around and laughing at you secretly. I want to take advantage of the breeze and the flowers bloom just right, gently pull your hand to see the flourishing flowers, let them witness a time of […]

Momo’s story

I like to smell the faint ink fragrance emitted from the gap of books; I am used to looking for the footprints of the long river of history along the crooked pictographic; I prefer to close my eyes and hold my breath, listening to my ears, the Eternity of rustling from books to books. After […]

Stand up belief

I have never been so helpless as now. I don’t think my life has come to an end. In my mind, compared with my father who died early, I still had ten or seventy years. But I did fall down. I didn’t even have the strength to turn over and get up by myself. I […]