Star in your own movie

Life seems to be busy, but I feel that I have done nothing. After thinking it over, I really don’t know what to say or do. The stretched hand only grasped the empty space; The twisted head only saw the wind behind him. Thinking of the road when I came and the people who left, […]

Take the cat walk on the road of life

Morning go out, encounter light rain came from heaven and. Rain is not big, also too lazy to home umbrella. Avoid the shallow puddles and jump forward along the middle of the road. Walking to the narrow road, I had to learn to walk a cat step. The rain at the end of autumn was […]

Northern love, our love

Ashamed to say, after several days of bloody battles day and night, the journey of Northern love finally came to an end. Every time I watched a play and closed the computer with both hands, there will be an inexplicable emptiness in my heart. The stool was still as cold as water, and my feet […]

Red Years past smoke

Red Years, Purple Haze shrouded, seemingly clear sky, yilianyoumeng suddenly and return home, chaos, near and far, to birds and flowers, like a poet, Let Love wafting rainbow over past lives, start searching journey. Stroll red, Midnight Moonlight, hold miss, climbing, in sleep edge circulation, will you? Have you ever forgot we sentimental vow? Remember, […]

Say something for “sycophane”

In life, there are often people talking behind the back that so-and-so flatter is a typical sycophant, and his disdainful expression shows his contempt. I often take part in similar judgement, but calm down and think about it, I still feel that people who flatter themselves have their own difficulties and hardships. Therefore, I think […]

A piece of maple red, dyed in late autumn

At the frost dusk, I opened the window on a whim to look for the trace of late autumn. I had been looking for the whole dusk even at night. It seemed that I couldn’t find the golden color representing autumn in the southern part of nuoda. The full maple trees were as red as […]

A period of time, give me time

This season was not too close to me. When I was alone, what I wanted to say occasionally had the smell of Alienation. It came inexplicably and went away quietly, which was not as good as the aftertaste. — Wen: Looking at the sun outside, I know that I am a little greedy in love. […]

I just suddenly miss someone,

I don’t know how gorgeous the flowers bloom in this season, whether it is worth waiting for, nor do I know how sinking the moment the sun rises, whether it is worth flying moths to the fire, I don’t know how long I can hold on, stop at the place of the world of mortals […]

Small dream

Occasionally you can see the sun, and occasionally you can see the moon, but they are not as bright as when they were in childhood. They dyed with the Sky disappear their own outline and will never recover the cleanness in their memory. Therefore, I often forget to look up and appreciate it, or don’t […]