After rain

Friend, do you believe it? God will open a door for you while closing a window. People always lose a lot in their life, but they also have a lot at the same time. Having a lot is certainly exciting, but what about losing? Facing the fact of loss, how do you treat it? What […]

Correct view of own

The story of a broken bucket is known by many people: it is said that a farmer has two buckets, and he carries two buckets to draw water by the river with a shoulder pole every day. There was only a crack in one of the two buckets, so every time I got home, the […]

Time is like sea, friendship is like Song

I like the gentle spring breeze and the shade of green grass, as well as the warm sun and silent snow in winter; I prefer listening to the rain at midnight and composing the Heart song. I like to send timely care to my friends when we get together, and I don’t forget to send […]

Early winter nostalgia

Entering the early winter weather, the ruthless chill in the north gradually came with the wind! It was gloomy outside the window, and there was no vitality at all. Sitting in the office, I felt very depressed. Looking through some words in the newspaper, I still couldn’t hide my silent mood in this season! In […]

Natural cheap life

In the morning, a classmate called me and told me about her drunken experience yesterday. What a pity, you said. It was not easy for me to eat such delicious fish for the first time, and to drink such high-end wine for the first time. You should know that it was my favorite blue wine […]

Youth does not say defeat, saying defeat is not youth.

I can’t give up old wounds and new worries. I really dare not touch the embrace of life. Am I afraid of pain? Still don’t have the courage to face it? Maybe it was once so beautiful that I felt sad now. I always thought that I would be happy for a lifetime, but the […]

Can not say

Some sadness can be hidden behind the smile. Since many things have been unable to return to the sky, don’t leave a floating cloud in the sky. Some happiness can’t last long, it will end when it starts, but never say it. There is no result after a love affair, so you can stop touching […]

Shallow happy

Each of us has the land to grow a good mood, depending on whether you work hard or not. Do you have enough flexibility to resist depression? Suddenly I found that life was so simple that I didn’t need to think over and over again to be complicated, and I didn’t need to worry about […]

Three dream

After the bell rang, the teacher sent out a foreign language test paper. There is a piece of foreign code in front of me. I don’t know what it means. I still don’t know what it means after reading it again. There is no question I can do. I was in a hurry, sweating, fear, […]

Empty swing

It has always been there, carrying wind, rain and sunshine. It has carried the sweet feelings of two people, and also carried the lonely silence of one person. I said, let’s go to Chaoyang Park tomorrow. You escaped from my eyes and hesitated to answer, OK. Then there is no word. I sneered in my […]