Written in quiet night

The autumn night in Beijing has been a little cold in winter, and the cold wind fiddles my hair tip. Rows of windows in the dormitory building in the distance were on, just like pairs of affectionate eyes staring at the endless dark night. One circle, two circles I listened to my rhythmic footsteps and […]

Some memories about youth

Some things are deposited in the depth of memory, not forgetting, just don’t want to think of it again. Sometimes I think I have forgotten it, but at some moment some fragments suddenly flash in my mind, as if telling yourself not to forget. When watching “The girls we chased together in those years”, when […]

Beautiful Heart

The true beauty is emitted from the heart. The kindness, confidence, elegance and optimism in the heart must be expressed in the form, conveying a kind of lingering beauty.? It turns out that there are so many advertisements for whitening, slim-fitting, breast-enriching and heightening, which seem to be in a better condition since they were […]

No sleep tonight

On the bank of the ancient canal with bright lights, on the night full of all dreams, I wandered along the Yangsu road with high buildings. My heart took my footprints and traveled all over every room of the hospital’s pavilions, small bridge corridor, Hall consulting room and emergency room. I put my hands together, […]

There is a fish I once fed in the river

At the beginning of July, my wife and I were going out to do something. Due to the long journey, it takes less than half a month to go back and forth. During this period of time, the flowers and plants in the flowerpot on the balcony were told that there should be no problem […]

Also resolutely small North

When Lin Lan was the most vulnerable, painful, and most in need of Xiaobei, the gentle, sunny, clean and healthy Xiaobei in the past didn’t give Lin Lan the comfort she needed, nor gave her arms, she was not given a kiss, a shoulder or a support. Xiaobei looked at Lin Lan sadly with tears […]

Warm memories drifting away in spring

Spring came quietly, and the warm sunshine was like its servant, following behind him, sweeping the footprints of the winter with warm hands. On the wilderness, there was a pleasant scene of singing and dancing, and the spring was full of earth. People can finally get rid of the bondage of winter, fly their dreams […]

Flow war

Some people, some things always encounter us inadvertently, and after a vigorous gathering, they become two parallel lines. Almost all the stories are like this when we meet each other by chance. Flowers bloom and fall, spring goes to autumn, come and go in a hurry, go and go, these are all natural. In fact, […]

Alive and Well in present

Living in the present, what is the present? In short, it is the things you are doing now, the places you stay, the people you work and live with; It is to ask you to focus on these people, things, on the top of things, accept, taste, invest and experience all of these wholeheartedly and […]

Tell you, I am also useful

Hello everyone, I am grape seed, there is a layer of shell outside, there is also flesh inside, I believe you will not be strange to me! Everyone has heard this saying, eating grapes does not spit grape skin, and eating grapes does not spit grape skin. But when you eat grapes, no matter whether […]