And loneliness

Loneliness gives many people a negative and pessimistic feeling. Lonely people have no friends. They are used to being alone. They come and go alone with their own shapes and shadows. They are quiet and don’t like the life of having more people to join in the fun. For me, it becomes more and more […]


Life is picturesque, which draws the outline all the way; Life is like poetry, singing all the way; Life is like wine, drinking all the way; Life is like a dream, wasting all the way. Many memories of life are bitter, bitter, bitter, sweet and sweet. Different people have different paths and feelings. Different feelings […]

If it is windy, I don’t want to stop. Such as willow, reluctant to dance.

I once thought how fearful the night was, like a bottomless abyss. But when all the displeasure came to my heart and I couldn’t breathe any more, the only thing I could do was to escape, and only to escape. When walking on the campus path, people are like lights and flowers are like paper […]

Salt of Capriccio

There is a beautiful city in the soft and humid southwest, which is Zigong city, Sichuan province, the salt capital of China. As we all know, salt has been the lifeblood of the country’s economy since ancient times. Because the chemical composition of salt is sodium chloride, it is an indispensable substance to maintain the […]

Quit you good

Fuzzy, maybe no one can really explain it to me. A story between him and her has no beginning and no ending, but people who can dance together remember deeply and sometimes think of the feeling, both good and bad, I didn’t remember that the ripples were swaying and losing the law. Everything was a […]

I miss the hug next season

Say I want to hug you to the air, say I miss you to the hug. If I can return to the common origin, then I must hug you well. When I count to one hundred steps silently, my heart will tremble faintly, just like the vibration of the mobile phone in the dark, I […]

Daughter brought tears to my eyes

My daughter is in the fifth grade of primary school, and the school has to arrange an open class every semester. Parents can learn about her daughter’s study all day in school. This is a teaching routine, and I don’t have much hope, out of caring for my children, I can listen to two or […]

Small sense of Winter (1)

In the early morning, a burst of birds’ chirping sound came from the hazy ears. With deep sleepiness, I turned over and looked out of the window. There was already some light outside, but it still looked dark. When I put on my clothes and walked out of the dormitory, I found that it was […]

Night, Solo

It was midnight and I still had a lot of work at hand. After watching the program “if you are the one”, I enjoyed the silence of the night in the music foolishly. I like the spirit of the night, and the night can bring me the sense of security of my soul. Only in […]

lian yu whisper

The vines climbing all the way were hung in the whole corner of the courtyard wall. The tall and upright trees, of course, were graceful, but it was hard to escape from the ridicule of the people on the road to his winter. What a beautiful tree, but in the winter days, it was not […]