Don’t say hello bitter tired

I have experienced too many difficulties, suffered too much, and paid too much love, but it is still far from your expected goal. Although you are exhausted and physically and mentally exhausted, don’t say that you are so tired. Don’t say that you are so tired, because you are a man. It is a man […]


Saying goes: food is, is wisdom. No matter the red events and White events or the celebration of Chinese traditional festivals are all related to eating. From the Manchu and Han banquet to folk snacks, the world of eating is absolutely all-inclusive and colorful, which is among the thousands of eating styles and thousands of […]

Some Thoughts Concerning Marriage

These days, maybe by the end of the year, some migrant workers went home early, taking advantage of the New Year’s goods at home, and gathered their hands. Today, it is not the family to marry a daughter, tomorrow is the family to get married. One after another, they played with great fanfare and made […]

No sorrow day

What it’s been? It usually refers to the conversion between day and night, which is probably the case in people’s cognitive process. However, human life is closely related to life, and sorrow is also a day; Joy is also a day, this is a sentence I have heard for several years, although this sentence is […]

I would like to go by the wind

Turn into raindrops, blend into lover’s wine cup, drink sweet, starry sky on the moon, blink with stars, feel the warmth of soft light and moonlight night, walk with sunset, smile to see the flashy and vicissitudes of life Like (prose editor: Jiangnan wind) change the way to continue to stay with this city I […]

In the candlelight father

When I came to the world, I always thought that my father and mother who brought me here would accompany me through my whole life. However, the reality was not like this. My father was surprised, before I got used to the life train, I got off the train alone. —— Free Flying Flowers message […]

The scenery of life

Open the solemn locked window, the light sun, the breeze, the boat in the ripples, and the scenery is immersed in longing. Inscription It keeps folding the light, the scenery is soaked in the fervent heart sound, can not hold the hands of time, strong grazing time; Open the solemn locked window, light sun, breeze, […]

Spring is here

As if the willows turned green overnight. The green bud shone with golden light under the sun. In the distance, there are little birds singing, which is a praise for spring! I took my daughter with me, walking between the pavilions and pavilions in the spring. These silent scenery in winter in the community seemed […]

Keep that mood

A few days ago, she made a joke with a good friend and called it a night owl, which inspired her true words: that was because she was very happy and in a good mood when chatting with her favorite friend that night, and I was eager to record this good mood immediately, so I […]

Rose soul

In a bad mood, I came to the countryside field alone for a sightseeing tour. I climbed the mountain near the water and wandered on the path in the field, watching the whole wheat field covered by the golden sunshine. One wheat gave birth to two ears, which was a sign of harvest. I laughed […]