Glass of Wine Yan Huan

Life Huan? Red what love? A little bitterness with your fingers pinned on your fingertips and engraved on your eyebrows is all gone!!! Wasting time, drinking a cup of wine and talking happily for a long time, several iron sons who hadn’t met together came as promised. They were happy here, without fetters and troubles, […]

Pale write thoughts

Life is not a stop, there will always be many unexpected things. It is very important that Mount Tai collapsed in front of the mountain without changing its color, and the storm rose suddenly and calmly. Turning the crisis to safety often requires a superb mind as well as a good mentality. Pass on your […]

The pain of the storm of “asking for gifts”

Introduction: The Yao Jiaxin case has caused a new disturbance. Recently, this incident victims Zhang Miao father Zhang Ping choose et al., to Yao father medicine Qingwei accommodation ask for yao jia has said figure comes to 200,000 yuan, both sides speech differences, physical conflict. In the evening, friends gathered together for dinner. When talking […]

Depths of the season of thoughts

When the withered and yellow leaves fell down from the tree, when the rustling autumn wind hit our faces, autumn had quietly come to our side. It turned out that we had already been in the depth of the season. In autumn, there are still red flowers and green leaves in our south, with clear […]

Not woman such as tea

People all say that women are like tea. But I want to say: women are not like tea, but women like tea in the world. — Text: a woman who is as thin as tea in the fence is pleasing to the eye. A woman who likes tea may not be very beautiful, but it […]

Here mood

Today is frost, and the nose seems to relapse due to excessive internal heat and cold weather. In the days when nobody cares about me, I will never learn to cherish myself. Although I am still terrified when thinking of the scene of doing minor surgery for my nose, my mother’s nagging has not been […]

Borrowing money to meet friends, how much sincerity is in it

I saw a story in my nephew’s space: so-and-so borrowed money because of business, made phone calls one by one according to the degree of intimacy of friends, and didn’t borrow it until the tenth, feeling that his heart was extremely empty. Friends who speak well at ordinary times are so few that they can […]

Walk of Life Middle

On my birthday, I didn’t write the next diary as I did on my 30th birthday as I would remember in the future. Although I was not confused, now I am facing the growing age, one more is calm. When she was 96 years old, Ms. Yang Jiang happily wrote a book “walking to the […]

Breeze and drizzle

Breeze and drizzle, devastated, in this late autumn winter day. Roadside pedestrian, also from time to time than usual much less. Many times, not narrative and shu xie is a good and confiding. In with time write process, a lot of thinking, it completed a filter and thinking. But the narration written can arouse more […]

Winter sketches

I always feel that the winter in recent years is surprisingly cold. Somehow, the thermometer hanging on the wall at home suddenly grows much older, with a panting look, the red liquid always swung back and forth between minus one degree and several degrees in the slender glass tube, as if it didn’t want to […]