I want an apple

I want an Apple, the idea of jointing from the bone, blooming, and producing full tassels, spreading and accumulating on the threshing ground of my body. However, there was a lemon sitting in front of me. The golden color was dazzling and noisy. The concave-convex surface is like eyes one by one, and the Restless […]

Dream back thousands of miles, a curtain of rose fragrance

Lean on your poetic harbor and gallop endless imagination. Spring, cherry blossoms and green willows, on an emotional weekend, I read your words countless times and felt the breeze and moon between the lines. So quietly intoxicated in every undulating wave of your wrist, I didn’t know that the dusk had come and the night […]

Nickname story

As soon as I mentioned the nickname, I got angry in my heart. I didn’t know who I had hired to provoke anyone in my last life. From the day I went to kindergarten until now, this unorganized, undisciplined but unprecedentedly consistent movement was in full swing on myself and never stopped for a moment, […]

Blog Love

You can be happy, appreciate, play, ridicule, sad, and vent the only thing you don’t want is hypocrisy. Acid-style eyes I opened a blog under the instigation of my friends again and again, and couldn’t help lighting up at the moment. It turned out that this place was an excellent spiritual home. In the virtual […]

Dear baby, listen

Some people say that people living in this world may be looking for a connection of love. This connection can be expressed in many forms: speaking, writing, drawing, touching, tasting and smelling. Today I tap the keyboard, just drop a small coin in the piggy bank of love. From now on, let’s put a piece […]

Woman’s mall complex

All women like to go shopping in the mall intentionally or unintentionally. When I entered it, it was a Kun bag with a crisp hand and an empty hand. When I came out, I came back with a full load of left bag and right bag. Therefore, the mood is strong enough to have the […]

Dream of the pain

At night, I dreamed about her again. In the valley filled with Orchid fragrance, we leaned against a bluestone, and several marks of fog ripples in her spring of forgetfulness. Dai Shu’s eyebrows were full of sorrow. She brushed my frown with her soft hands. I smiled and woke up from my dream to see […]

Love if the video from

Life is always changeable, and each of us can’t put down the unhappiness in our hearts. Maybe it is just a small matter depressed in our hearts, or maybe it is a big setback in our hearts, which hinders our pace forward. Happy things time is always unwilling to stay, but sad things are always […]

Who will hold the hand and grow old?

I always feel that holding my hand is the most romantic thing to grow old with my son. In today’s fast-paced era, the oath and wish to hold hands and grow old with you may seem old-fashioned and outdated, but I believe that some people are willing to regard it as the most romantic thing. […]