If you love God

I ‘ve always wanted to write this article. I started writing for several times, but I also put down my silence. I love it until silence is better than sound. I want to think of your face lonely in the dead of night, that period of awakening and yearning which had been waiting for many […]

Messy flowers are becoming charming

Yesterday, I went to a clothing store in the county to buy clothes. Upon entering the door, the shopkeeper served you enthusiastically. Elder sister, the clothes here are suitable for rural women like you, and the price is cheap. You can look left and right, pick and choose, and there is no good luck. On […]

Let you fall in love with the fragrance of words

She went to pick up her daughter after school. She was already in the fifth grade of primary school when she was less than ten years old and told me mysteriously: Mom, writing novels is popular in our class. I also want to write three books. I just thought my daughter was talking and playing, […]


On an unexpected dusk, by the lake in late autumn, the people on the fence beside the bridge stared at the blue waves with soft light, and their faces were filled with the touch of peace. I am still on that familiar corridor, chasing the graceful time with the steps of youth. Beside me, an […]

Who cares about the March smoke and rain dawn?

If spring arrives as scheduled, I don’t think I will express my love to the naked deciduous trees. If spring does not come for a long time, I think I will miss the sunshine that goes through singing together. You say love at this moment in the afternoon, hiding in an unwritten or unwritten chapter, […]

Locust flower (five other articles)

Last night, I dreamed about that locust tree again. There were clusters of white locust flowers in the tender green leaves, bathing in the warm sun, and with the gentle breeze, the fragrance flew far away. Raise your high Chin, miss your feet and stretch out your long arms. The Locust flowers of the tree […]

Far wait-and-see

Years of vicissitudes. It has been four or five years since I bought a computer and learned to surf the Internet. Due to various reasons, I still belong to the primary stage when using computers. Over the years, I have learned to surf the Internet from scratch. Although many websites have been registered, there are […]

The past is like smoke “piano stage art”

Since my wife was not around me, I have stopped using the stove which makes people angry at first sight, because it is not a coal-saving furnace. Burning two honeycomb briquette in one night will also make the furnace cool. But on several cold days, in order to keep warm, I had to light the […]

Smile Radian

There is a voice that you will miss her existence when there is no one. When you approach, you are actually losing. This voice may be a kind of emptiness and loneliness, the endless torment of your life without shadow. Youth is a hazy love song. There is some sad beauty in the faint, but […]

Say Goodbye to Yesterday

Today, I quietly leave in the quiet imagination. Tomorrow, I will stumble in the sound of today’s breath-taking. Yesterday became a memory of the past in the alternation of today and tomorrow. Looking at myself in the mirror, I found that my youth gradually grew old in this infinite cycle. There are only crisscross waves […]