Tap a door and ask the soul

In light snow, the west wind swept the yellow leaves. The sun shines brightly, but I can’t feel the heat. Hands and faces are cold, stepping on thick fallen leaves, on the way to work. The Big Clock of Xihua Gate rang 9 o’clock sharp. The pedestrians hurried to their respective roads. The red light […]

Gently, you left

I wrote blog in “literature blog website” for more than four years. Although it continued from time to time, I also enjoyed myself; What’s more, I gained a lot of knowledge when I got acquainted with some similar blog friends and made comments together; moreover, through this platform, it is quite pleasant to know some […]

Month Full Moon lacks

The moon is full, picturesque, hanging on the horizon, overlooking the world. As thin as the flowing clouds of light yarn, the floating indifferent, hazy moon face, hazy sky. The moonlight like water poured on the ground through the branches and leaves, reflecting a shadow of holding the cheek with both hands. Tears that were […]

The thing on the head (light prose 3)

My colleague, Mr. L, is a very smart person. Don’t you understand? Then explain it again with his colleagues’ comments: He is a person who has no long hair on his head. It should be clear now. When Old L was transferred for the first time, the hair was not so serious. It was just […]

Right heart of trajectory

Major decisions in life are planned by the heart, like a pre-calculated framework, waiting for your Constellation to run. If we expect to change our destiny, we must first change the trajectory of our hearts. A person should know his position, just like a person knows his face, which is the most sober consciousness. Xijinqianhua […]

Leave one day

Now, playing mobile phones and computers in the dormitory and trying hard to read Mandarin are for tomorrow’s Test. This Saturday is always good, sleep late until ten o’clock. Sister Zhuo told me to get up early to study last night. I didn’t forget or remember it in time. Final is coming. Sometimes I think […]

Night Lights

When I came back by bus, other buses flashed beside me, crowded and noisy. Tired buses, with long tails, carried groups of tired passengers. The night came down and they were tired. Who was tired? Tired, tired at night? Like the moonlight in the dark night, it is the most gentle favorite and the embrace […]


How many nights, so quietly, silently staring out of the window. I have been waiting for you for a thousand years. Looking against the window, the street lamp was clear and dark. The small trees beside the road changed from luxuriant to dead branches, the wild geese came and went, the thin rain Silk turned […]

Office of tea

The light mist of coffee-colored milk tea rose from the surface; Although it was not vigorous, it also soared up. There was absolutely no room for compromise, and it gradually disappeared after a moment of rising. Looking at the mist which seemed to be lifted up by others, I felt much better with the leisure […]

With a little effort

The job fair was going on fiercely. I looked at the surging crowd. I saw a familiar figure, my classmate in high school. Looking at each other, we nodded and greeted each other. We squeezed through the crowd and all went to the recruitment booth of a public institution at the same time. I was […]