Green Coral Sea.

The time in my memory was covered with moss. I suddenly became fond of missing the past, just like an old man at dusk, used to recalling that long and gentle period of time in the sunset, with a smile of Ning Xi on the corner of my lips. Although the time that belongs to […]

On the train reading

Time is slow, it is a good time to read. I’m ashamed to say that I lost my book the first time I read on the train. It was on the train from Bengbu to Urumqi, watching the prose collection “Wen du ink mark” written by Chen Suoju, a writer in Tongcheng, his hometown. This […]


The so-called quietness doesn’t mean that I don’t talk all day long, can’t talk loudly, can’t chase and fight, but the peace waiting in my heart. In fact, everyone has a flower grave deep in his heart, burying those sad emotions which are not for humanity, while this flower grave is virtually locked. This lock […]


On that day, the little aunt of the child who was far away from hometown called and specially consulted some questions about filling in the blanks of ancient poems. The topic is not difficult, but the method of the topic is very interesting. The performance is as follows: first, several blanks are all from outside […]


That year, a strong wind blew a group of homeless people like us to a remote town, like a cluster of dandelion blown to a corner it had never been to by a light wind. We stood on the asphalt road just enough to cover the soil, like a group of newly arrived immigrants, watching […]

Mourning damogu in heart

If life is a tide, after getting involved in it for several times, there is no courage to drift with the tide any more. I just want to be a simple person who can watch the ups and downs of the tide and gather clouds. Occasionally sad, occasionally sigh. People see more, listen more, and […]

I think I will always be brave

There was a silent night all around, the cold wind poured into the cracks of the window, and the soft and pure female solo echoed around her ears. I don’t know what language to describe this moment. I only know that at this moment, my heart is surging up with a burst of soothing tranquility. […]


People come to the world crying. Therefore, life is too short, and the world is always full of hardships and tiredness, which always makes people frustrated a lot, a lot, disappointed a lot, a lot, and it will make the wounded heart deeply lonely, turn into infinite soreness, turn disappointment into despair, and hope to […]