Terrible day

The pace of life is getting faster and faster, and I am busy every day. I always want to sleep at home without doing anything. Weather forecast: there will be rain tomorrow, a rest day given by God, and a day of sleep tomorrow. It rained all night last night. It was five o’clock. I […]


Recalling that I suddenly liked reading foreign literary works recently, I downloaded “meditation” which was highly praised in last year’s school reading festival from the Internet. Many contents in the book make it difficult for me, the first time to read, to fully understand, so that I feel that many sentences are rare. However, even […]

Write the most beautiful transcript of life in good condition

I always wanted to write something, but after all, I failed to sort out the uncertain thoughts. For a long time, I have been addicted to the wonderful fun of life. There is also relaxation, relaxation of all vigilance to the world. Sometimes there is negligence, but sometimes I remember it. In the afternoon, a […]

Happy Birthday to You

The birthday of ordinary people is too common to mention. Whether the protagonist or others, it is probably not the same thing at all. However, when many people always remember your birthday clearly, on the same day of each year, convey his or her mind in various ways, narrating, it represents some touching blessings and […]

Heartbroken word, graceful Jessamine herb

The lyrics of the secluded residents living in the Southern Song Dynasty always give people sorrow and sorrow. What is the nature? The mood of a woman is stuck in love and thought all her life. A woman is made of water, and tears accompany sorrow and flow forever. The continuous moist, hard to find […]

What should I do with the born lonely life?

Today, I accidentally saw a post about lonely life on the Internet, which suddenly resonated with me. Unconsciously, I was already an older man nearly 30 years old, it can almost be classified into the one who can’t marry a wife, but he is still looking for no direction. I experienced some emotional things in […]