Quiet moon night, accompanied by ink fragrance

When the sun converges its last speed of light, the quiet and beautiful moonlight night comes as promised, everything seems very quiet and detailed! And I especially like to be quiet. When I am alone, I like to make a cup of coffee, hold a book, or close my eyes to listen to the music, […]

Be a cruel mother once

These days, Zhu he didn’t send her to kindergarten because he caught a cold. He had been following me for a long time and felt attached to me. He was crying these two days and didn’t want to go to kindergarten. This morning, the first sentence I just woke up was: Mom, I am not […]

No sleep tonight

At midnight in Dubai time, I stood on the balcony overlooking the deep night outside the window. The fishing boats moored on the Arabian Gulf were lit, and the neon lights of the tall buildings and buildings in Akiman were still flashing. Sleepless Tonight, I went back to the notebook pen computer, tapping the keyboard […]