Who lonely than fireworks

Finally, we will wave goodbye to us in a gorgeous and colorful way tonight.

At dusk, looking from a distance through the window, the thin rain was floating faintly above the long lane. The ground was permeated with thick moisture one after another.

I received a text message yesterday that the fireworks on this year’s Lantern Festival will be set off at 08:18 tonight. Although I was not sensitive to numbers all the time, somehow I still kept this time in my mind. To explore the reason, maybe it is because of the deep expectation for the gorgeous fireworks all over the sky, or it is because this is a lucky number.

The sky is getting deeper and deeper. Outside the window, the rain was pouring down. In the rising noise, the 5-year-old son finally couldn’t help being anxious and urged us to go out with joy. Walking downstairs with an umbrella, I found that the rain was getting denser and heavier. Standing in front of the massive rain curtain, I couldn’t help frowning. However, my son raised his head and stretched out his small hand to touch the cold rain in a trance moment. I wanted to reprimand him, but finally I pretended to be angry and pulled him back under the umbrella because of that bright smile.

Finally, regardless of the heavy rain, I hid under the umbrella and placed myself in the bustling crowd.

Walking all the way, the lights were circuitous and the shadows of trees were swaying. No matter which season, the scenery of the small town could always be easily drawn. The flying eaves, the stranded boat, the unique window lattice and the half-covered Zhu men were all silent in the rain.

Looking across the river, the music fountain has been playing endlessly on the other bank. After a while, with a loud noise, I saw a dazzling splendor in the air. The fireworks all over the sky bloomed in the air in a gorgeous posture, flashing countless eyes and jumping countless hearts in a flash.

The rain stopped gradually, and the fireworks remained the same. Deep in my eyes, that wave after wave of splendor still bloomed in the air, and then disappeared silently with a gorgeous and decisive posture until it vanished. Looking back around, deep in the light, the figure was blurred and the noise gradually went away.

There was a faint voice echoing gently in my ears.

Someone asked: who is more lonely than fireworks?

Some people say: Loneliness is a kind of beautiful flowers.

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