liu yue tian, guo yun yu

“1 」

The climate of this city is becoming more and more abnormal, half hot and half cold, with severe polarization. Just like the mood at some time, it seems that there is only the alternation of sunny days and rainy days, with great ups and downs. There were too many heavy rains in this summer, and we couldn’t tell who was crying and who was full of enthusiasm. Some love may not be suitable all the time. Even if there are too many reluctant things in my heart, it can’t match the reality. Then will it make me feel better if I start again? Those inner tangles are also like a parabola with obvious ups and downs. The emotions spread wantonly along the way and could not tell the ins and outs, but eventually there was an end of decline, just like everyone, every Love will have an ending, waiting for us to face it all the time. It seems that there is not much expectation in this season. I just feel that I should go out and learn more. I always feel that there are still too many things to learn, there are too many places that I want to go, and the reasons of time and money account for half of them. There are not too many complaints, because everyone’s reality is different, and God gives everyone not much. I think as long as I try my best to realize it, I can live without complaint or regret.

“2 」

I am a lot lazy, and even have less time to go shopping. I always come back with a full load when I go out occasionally. Those new clothes are the temptation of freshness at first, because they are not so good-looking, therefore, no matter how much you pay, you have to buy it for yourself. After it really belongs to you, maybe you don’t have much time to wear it out, and sometimes you will feel it is redundant, but even if it is redundant, you are willing to pay the price, because no matter how much it is, it always makes you feel beautiful, love at first sight or love at long time, some of them will always say how good it is when you wear it. Just like a relationship, a person, what a sweet and beautiful love you look like, others will never know the price you pay for love. How many people did you see when you were dressed out and how many people were recognized? If you don’t even have this, do you think that this kind of emotion is even inferior to the value of a piece of clothing, even losing the value of a piece of clothing? Such feelings are more often a kind of useless. Therefore, sometimes we are more willing to choose such material enjoyment. At least you will always take possession of the material things at a cost. Anyway, as long as you don’t discard them, they will always accompany you.

“3 」

The written words were so few that even the communication manuscript had to be put aside for a long time, half of the novel had been put aside, and the cross stitch had not been finished for a long time, so I decided to try to finish those lovely little pigs this month, they agreed to give their dowry and let them hang in their new house in the future. But I don’t know when I will meet the man who is willing to marry me and I am willing to follow, but I always feel that it is always good to have such a beautiful imagination. In the future, I will be able to step by step, it is also an extremely beautiful thing to describe it one by one. About the future, the future residence, every room in the future and every decoration in the future all have ideas, and will cut those small decorations that you like into a book and make a small briefing, even Imagine every day, every morning and every sunset that two people may spend together in the future. Think about it, you have imagined the future for a long time, and you have also imagined the future for a long time. You are not necessarily the best-looking or rich, but you must have a sense of responsibility, love my family, love me very much, take me as the world’s.

“4 」

Recently, I like green tea, because I accidentally broke the teacup when I moved to the office, a birthday present belonging to 18 years old, and suddenly I feel very distressed, just as I love my eighteen years old who have passed away and those who belong to eighteen years old who have gone away, I feel painful faintly. Later, the manager sent a long transparent teacup, so he changed his habit of drinking plain boiled water. If this Cup only contained plain boiled water, it would look too monotonous, so he changed his habit. It turns out that when you change the environment, your habits will change accordingly. Such changes do not need to be far-fetched to learn. There are not many tea leaves. These green leaves sink in the clean and transparent glass, which makes them feel comfortable. Materials can always be put in front of us in such a simple and clear way, but people are different, but we need to taste slowly. If we drink for a long time, we will naturally know whether it is suitable or not. A lot of things, in fact, we all need a process of adaptation. In life, we don’t need someone to turn and stop turning. Some people just wait for time, wait for time to change, forgotten and adaptation. We should be strong and face every cold in life, and then wait for happiness to knock at the door.

“5 」

Retrieve the original signature. 420,000 gallons of water, 88 keys. 42 kilograms of weight, 33 rolls of LP. A light-year distance, a leaving you, a wayward me. Once the shadow in Yanzi MTV. I think I am a person who misses the past after all. How much I miss you in the past and you in the past. Maybe it’s because I haven’t got it completely before, so some people will try their best to treat you well, smile at you, hold you in the palm of their hands and love you so much, once you occupy yourself, you begin to care about it. It doesn’t matter, and you don’t cherish it. But we can’t control others. How do others treat you? After all, we can’t interfere in the control. The things that are forced to come will become not beautiful. Those who are forced to seek truth cannot be happy, and those who are forced to seek truth can only end up saying goodbye. Seeing the depart of their best friends around them, love was just a break-up at last. Even if there was a marriage or more things fettering them, they would not break up if they didn’t cherish each other. But dear, please remember to still smile. There are always too many things to experience in life. Different comedies and tragedies will happen every moment every day. There will always be one day, happiness will knock on your door, no matter where I am, I will always remember you, and you also remember to take good care of yourself.

“6 」

In fact, the past and present of human beings are just on the same line. We all have to experience, but the fragile people in our hearts are very strong on the surface and in the bones, when your fragile tears fall down, it has completely exposed your appearance pretending to be strong. Anyway, such a small self actually needs to be cherished and protected. After all, the Internet is warm. Even if we don’t visit them for a long time, we still remember you. They call you to buckle, they give you warmth, I can always receive their warm words when I turn on the computer every day. I think this kind of happiness is irreplaceable. I am is so lucky to meet you. Last year, I saw a large number of sunflowers for the first time. Standing in the sunflower field, I saw those blooming yellow stamens. At that moment, I suddenly felt the power of the sun. I thought we would make a sunflower, strong and bright to live. There are many new people wearing white wedding dresses and dresses to take wedding photos in the flowers. They walked into forever hand in hand in that blooming season. Seeing them witness the happiness of flowers, I thought that in the future, I must hold someone’s hand and walk into this beautiful sunflower field. Let’s remember those beautiful moments together. The future is always neither long nor short. We are as old as flowers, neither big nor small. In the future, there will always be someone who cherish each other and grow old together.

‘7 」

It just rained a few times in the sky/there are not many passers-by in the street/What are you doing now/Are you still thinking about whether I have been here/visited us/No one wants to make myself wrong/Left yourself a spring, summer, autumn and winter how many people will leave/spring, summer, autumn and winter how many people will stay outside the rain for too long/My heart feels indifferent/see this cloud and rain/Will you think of Me

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