Really miss you

Clear Sky, Emei month hung low in the sky, stars scattered in the sky. On the midsummer night, I strolled along the pavement, and many thoughts lingered in my heart, wriggling. Looking up at the stars in the sky and the white clouds floating in the sky, maybe I am as romantic as the leisure and bitter yearning of summer night.

Pro screen. Music is surrounded in the room, listening alone and quietly. The scenes, sentences and eyes were all written deeply on the territory of the bottom of my heart, and my memory was sleepless. For no reason, I was stunned at the screen, letting the music flow in the blood, letting the time slide down at my fingertips, letting my thoughts gradually spread in my eyes.

I don’t know why I am? I miss you so much in my own space and in my own time. Maybe at this time you are also quiet, thinking about it. The two are in the same heart, conveying a wisp of light inexplicable. A kind of lovesickness, two idle sorrows.

Miss you, there is a faint pain in sweetness, and a little worry in joy. As if looking for the traces of the past in Tang Poetry and Song poetry, poetic. Like the drizzle, slight breeze, cool midsummer, how many past events passed. How much aftertaste turns into bitterness in sweetness, how much gathering turns into the passing of clouds, how many times of looking back and smiling just freeze in dreams

In this world, there are many vertical achievements that we can’t choose again. Those long-gone clouds are just enchanting in the past. Tonight, we are only lonely and empty, looking at the shallow Milky Way happily. This hatred is endless. Because time has crucified us and tied our bodies, but it does not constrain our caring hearts.

I know that this continuous meditation is a beautiful mistake. We met, we were congenial, and we continued the fate of the previous life. There is no right or wrong for us at any cost. This is the fate of fate and the combination of you and me. No hesitation, no suspicion, and no worldly scruples. We just hide this deep and shallow good in the deepest part of the world of mortals. There was no need for thousands of words. At this time, the ups and downs of music made me in a trance, as if I heard the surging tide and the breath of thickness. This powerful shock made me unstoppable and filled my whole heart

I pray that the moonlight can bring you into my dream, the breeze can send you to my side, we hold hands and talk happily, embrace tears. It is a pity that the Moonlight is dim tonight, and the wind is not surprised. I am looking forward to a little flute, which can let me play a sad melancholy, and let me feel the joy of embracing you in loneliness. I would like to rub the soft lovesickness into the night, melt the sweet tenderness in the winding music, and adjust the dim mood with the bitterness of missing.

Want to static, don’t want you. -I do so. Even if the noise outside disturbed the eardrum, even if the stuffy coquettish of summer wrapped me, it could not erase your shadow in my heart, nor drive away your waiting in my heart, I am like drinking mellow wine, drunk music, drunk moonlight, drunk my pure heart.

I really miss you, imagine your hot summer, imagine your tired dark, imagine your hard work of getting up early and sleeping late, imagine your appearance of holding your mobile phone to talk to me, really, I really want to become a purple butterfly. I leave lightly, quietly perched beside you, accompany you through the scorching sun one by one, accompany you into the corner of your trivial and complicated things, in this way, my heart will be quiet and warm.

Deep night, Miss you. Are you thinking about me on the other side of the Milky Way? Do you give me a glimpse?

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