Borrowing money to meet friends, how much sincerity is in it

I saw a story in my nephew’s space: so-and-so borrowed money because of business, made phone calls one by one according to the degree of intimacy of friends, and didn’t borrow it until the tenth, feeling that his heart was extremely empty. Friends who speak well at ordinary times are so few that they can […]

Night, Solo

It was midnight and I still had a lot of work at hand. After watching the program “if you are the one”, I enjoyed the silence of the night in the music foolishly. I like the spirit of the night, and the night can bring me the sense of security of my soul. Only in […]

How could the world be so sad

Met two migrant workers who come. Running in rainy days, looking for a place to avoid the rain. When passing by them, my umbrella accidentally came across one of the migrant workers with red jacket and trousers, and I had to say sorry for the good future. But he immediately smiled and said sorry to […]