Some memories about youth

Some things are deposited in the depth of memory, not forgetting, just don’t want to think of it again. Sometimes I think I have forgotten it, but at some moment some fragments suddenly flash in my mind, as if telling yourself not to forget. When watching “The girls we chased together in those years”, when […]

Glass bottles

I like the house with books piled up everywhere and the floor clean. Therefore, books are piled up in my home, on the sofa, on the table, on the tea table, especially on the armrest of the sofa. Wherever I go and sit, I can reach out and get them. This living habit gives me […]

Between one thought, one thought fingertip

Her mind was full of troubles, life, tomorrow and future, and that play was her master. Perhaps, at this moment, she was too secular and sentimental for some unknown reasons: chagrin and tears in her eyes. How should she State? It is life that bears her. Too much uncertainty, too much unknown, constantly suggesting how […]