Love if the video from

Life is always changeable, and each of us can’t put down the unhappiness in our hearts. Maybe it is just a small matter depressed in our hearts, or maybe it is a big setback in our hearts, which hinders our pace forward. Happy things time is always unwilling to stay, but sad things are always […]

Boil the words to keep warm and nourish your heart with the words

The rainy weather is on stage every day. Unlike the previous days, it was slow and had no desire to sue. The crackling raindrops, the merciless pocket head hit down, mixed with cold cold wind, aggressively indicating that in the air, the chilly cold air passed, take away all the heating from the bottom of […]


My wife and I have been married for six years. When I just got married, I lived a tight life and suffered a lot, which made people look down upon me. My wife and I made up our minds to change the status quo. We created wealth through hard work and wisdom, moved to our […]

That memory can’t keep youth

Li Dazhao’s Youth my university, which once made me disgusted and disgusted from the bottom of my heart for some reason, but after half a year’s getting along and running-in, this place began to make me love and rely on from the bottom of my heart. Although my university is not so famous and outstanding, […]

Day Break

Now I finally know what life means. In the past, when I learned vocabulary, I only understood the written meaning of this word when I saw it. However, the last accidental factor made me experience the meaning of this word in person. When the press festival was coming, I led a tug-of-war team to participate […]