Those years, those things, those people

[Introduction] we missed friendship and love in those years. We learned tenacity and toughness in those things. Those people made us open-minded and grateful. Those years, those things, those people, thank the years for making us mature, thank the friendship for making us strong. Silence is in the past of the fleeting years, the records […]

Happiness in a casual moment

[1] “My Father” is on the official list! It must be accidental that I don’t know. For me who doesn’t care about this, at that moment, my mood is also occupied by happiness. It is a gift I gave to my father on Father’s Day! My family is very strange. They all love each other, […]

Love war, earthly chaotic

In the past two days, I saw the Condor Hero again (hereinafter referred to as A). The feeling is different from seeing the sound of the Horse (B) The Dragon and the eight parts (C). Generally speaking, I didn’t rush to see these movies again. I didn’t rush when I saw B again. I only […]