Who is waiting for the lost love

Outside the window, the night is like water. The night is still so beautiful and quiet. Supporting broken thoughts. The distance far away from thousands of mountains and rivers is the distance that I cannot surmount in my dream. Looking back on the days when words were given, it turned out that when things were […]

Live like a fruit tree

Is it easy for people who like words to feel sentimental? I can’t remember since when I became so lonely. I just want to stay away from the crowd and stay alone. When a person starts to refuse noise and crowd, then everything seems inappropriate and incompatible. Keep a habit of writing all the time, […]


I am addicted to playing mahjong and writing articles. This is what the idiot saw in a book written by teacher Jia Pingwa. Crazy people believe in this. Standing on the tail of thirty years old, I look forward to it and sigh with emotion. Rain er shi nian, pronto, years eroded memory, vicissitudes face. […]