When it comes to writing letters, I believe that many people are familiar with them. Many people have written and sent letters. However, with the development of science and technology, letters are gradually replaced by mobile phone text messages, in the past, my friends exchanged letters frequently. At that time, the relationship between people was […]

Diary recording mood

Diary is a record of life, a reflection of soul, a reflection of one’s own life, a sketch of tomorrow’s life, a yearning for the future and a beautiful vision. It can be said that I am prefer to write diaries. From the first grade of junior high school to now, as long as there […]

About Light women and heavy men

Why do you want to put women in the front? You just want to find a balance point. Said so many years of gender equality. In fact, is it really equal?! I don’t think so. It is estimated that so far, there are children born in the family. Elders, the first sight of a boy […]