The salesman of the feed company told me by phone: due to the increase of pig price, the following raw materials for feed —- corn, soybean meal, fish meal and so on Rose. The salesman reminded me: stock up as soon as possible at home. Once upon a time, the feed company informed the salesman […]

I don’t blame you for not understanding my words

Layers of loneliness, transformed into the long river of words, in those untraversed desolation, interpretation of thousands of miles of lonely beauty. The loneliness left out by others is not the destruction of the body, but the helplessness of the soul. In a busy world and a rush of people, I don’t want to rush […]

The snow fell unscrupulously in March

March was originally a season of gentle breeze, catkin and smoke, and everything recovered, but now everything is not as warm and romantic as imagined. The bitter wind blew, still a little biting. The cold went through the bottom of my heart like electric speed, and then spread from the bottom of my heart to […]