Collapse of core wall

The sky is so blue that I can’t bear to see more. The wind is so warm that I hesitate to move forward. It is not because I am less curious about spring, but because my heart is filled with haze. I am afraid that I will obliterate the color that I can be proud […]

Marriage like Battlefield

Not long ago, I talked with a friend about how to get along with each other, which was quite similar to her. In fact, the most important contradiction between each family is how to get along with each other. From two strangers to sharing the same bed, to mutual help, even holding hands to the […]

The lifeline of the blue coastline years

The gentle smiling face of the sunset glow spreads out with the quiet sigh of dusk, the setting sun is the hanging loneliness, and what remains is the silent narration of the night. The Dawn is struggling in the dark long night. People who drive the sea and those who drive the sea all think […]

Don’t let troubles cover your smile

Sometimes one’s own eyes will deceive oneself. This kind of deception and deception is the most difficult to be found and the easiest to leave scars. The spread of time makes the depth of thinking deepen gradually, and only in a quiet and free time can we think about these problems. Therefore, most of them […]