Home, childhood

The childhood in my memory is vague and happy, but when I think of it, it is just like that round of old moon hanging quietly in the distant sky, but it emerges clearly in front of me. My grandma’s home is the warmest place in my memory. The cottage in the country, the loving […]

Simple happiness

Looking at the blue sky carefully, white clouds always snuggle up in the embrace of the blue sky. Looking at the fish pond carefully, the fish always depend on the center of the water. Looking at the flowers carefully, her flower head is always inseparable from the sunshine. Love in the world is full of […]

Writing — the best spiritual sustenance

That really ridiculous! The fifty-year-old man suddenly wrote a novel, and it turned out to be a full-length novel, which was inevitably ridiculed by many people; I didn’t feel anything ridiculous, because my writing is not for fame, nor for food, but for spiritual sustenance. Thinking of the past, I felt guilty. I was still […]

The new girl in the class

In this semester, there are 60 children in the class. When they stand on the platform, they will speak out involuntarily. After a class, they often feel dry and tired. That morning, the principal came to me and said that a child would be transferred from the class. I felt very helpless because most people […]


When listening to the rain, you can open the window as you like, let the rain fly, wet your long hair, wet your heart, and dye your fingers with tassels. The rain is light and elegant, and the sound of rain is refreshing and attractive. Didi Dada is the communication between heart and rain, and […]

Walking in March of fireworks

Walking in March of fireworks, I opened the scroll of time by accident. The spring breeze of time gently passed through the corridor bridge of memory, gently stroking my tender and water-like thoughts and curling my feelings of totem, seductive with the wind, graceful with the flowers, indescribable lingering, layered and overlapping. Walking on the […]