Regression real happiest

Hypocrisy makes people indulge, and reality makes people cheer up. Indulged in the hypocritical life, muddling and even dying may not tell the reason for one’s own life, but the life that is cheered up in the real environment may be short, it will also leave a bright life track like a meteor. I hope […]

Written in emotional letdown

The sad thing in the world is nothing more than the ripples of time in my mind when I was born by love. With the disappearance of time, it turned out to be a stranger gradually. Don’t laugh at me for being infatuated and not changing, just writing empty articles in my mind. No one […]

The forgotten dream flowers fall

The fog dispersed and the flowers were broken. Finally, I saw the truth clearly, which was the sadness after waking up from a dream. Colorful neon, the songs of love curl up, the songs are not enough for the troubles of the world of mortals. No matter how beautiful the fireworks are, it will not […]