The so-called quietness doesn’t mean that I don’t talk all day long, can’t talk loudly, can’t chase and fight, but the peace waiting in my heart. In fact, everyone has a flower grave deep in his heart, burying those sad emotions which are not for humanity, while this flower grave is virtually locked. This lock […]

Start over like so

Since I had my own blog, I had been in an unusually excited state of mind. I was delighted to open up a brand new world at the time of the year’s flower armor. It not only makes the nearly numb mind more sensitive, but also makes the blood of the whole body more vivid. […]

Through mangrove

Sitting quietly behind the child, listening to the song he played through the mangrove forest. Although it was not as smooth as Mary’s song with a lamb, the artistic conception of each song in it. I think if we understand it literally, maybe it is difficult to enjoy the scenery along the way if we […]