If you are well, it will be sunny

When the cold wave was ready to go, my cold came first. Sick tired, malaise, really want to lie in this bed suspended animation. I don’t want to do anything and do nothing. I slept alone in the dormitory for an afternoon. Suddenly I wanted to eat an apple. I ate a Big Apple and […]

Their heart

Breeze breeze, suddenly do other is forest wind in the, ear of birds. Tactfully through the ages is unforgettable myth, how can know flute light turn not old Heartsongs play, water of implication not being able to achieve the dream again remodeling. Love lasts through the ages because of the world of mortals. At first […]


Speaking of the new capital, for this ancient city with a long history of civilization, although I have settled down for a long time by moving, I still don’t know much about his regional culture. Therefore, sometimes I feel ashamed and ashamed of myself for being an outsider in this city. Fortunately, I still have […]

Untitled (XIV)

The heart is like an empty glass. The water inside is dried by time, leaving only a naked body. The hot sun outside the window continues the fervor of summer. The warm light generously shines on every corner of the Earth, while I am still used to hiding in a corner of the house as […]