Nickname story

As soon as I mentioned the nickname, I got angry in my heart. I didn’t know who I had hired to provoke anyone in my last life. From the day I went to kindergarten until now, this unorganized, undisciplined but unprecedentedly consistent movement was in full swing on myself and never stopped for a moment, […]

xiao kan feng yun, indifferent to fame and wealth

All living beings are busy, and few people can see it; But think carefully, we human beings are really very small. I chatted with some older colleagues and saw the big tree outside the window, I said: if no one cuts down these trees, their life span will be much longer than ours! Everyone laughed […]

Heart of the garden

I believe there is such a small garden in everyone’s heart. In this charming small garden, we can stay away from the noise of the world and return to the peaceful inner world. In the world, we can always find a place to settle the small garden in our hearts. Maybe it is a cottage […]