The dead of night…

In the dead of night, when a person faces the death of the night, loneliness is a kind of blank without words. In fact, it is not like loneliness, but cold loneliness brings the night. It’s not that I fell in love with words, but that words can express endless mood, I am the wick […]

Wine tasting

My smoking age is not short, and I am addicted to it; But although I have been drinking for a long time, my drinking capacity is also quite good; It only ends in social intercourse, and I don’t have much desire for it. I am forced to have a taste of it at dinner. Many […]

Where is happiness

Where is happiness? What kind of life is happiness? When people reach middle age, they don’t have the recklessness and frivolous when they are young. Instead, they like to recall leisurely and think about what happiness is secretly? —— Every day when I go to work, I will pour a cup of green tea and […]