Give me a cigarette

Give me a cigarette! I don’t like women who smoke, and even don’t like women who smoke. But in this declining world, when my heart-wrenching pain could not be cured. How much I want to pick up that cigarette, even watching her burning quietly, burning into ashes. Let a complex disappear in the smoke. Let […]

Men love wine, men love women more

Pour my sorrow/my sorrow/gently into your eyes/Pour my happiness/my pain/wine into your hands/Pour your hope/Your Dream/Slowly lean on in my arms/Put your loss/your bitterness/Toast Me One Cup after another/life is like mellow wine/sometimes strong and sometimes thin/sentimental years/drip in my heart/Don’t let me drunk alone/Don’t let me walk alone/you accompany me on the lonely road/Wake […]