Inventory 2011

The silence of the night deeply impressed my heart, and the depth of the night tightly fastened my heart. Fall in love with the mystery of the night, review the past steps, and lift up the calendar of old dreams. The same wayward, the same temper, but things are different. Times have changed. In the […]

Heart determine true and false

Mr. Lu Xun once said that when disillusionment comes, we don’t see the truth in the false, but see the false in the true. In real life, the truth and the false exist at the same time, such as real goods and fake products, truth and lies, real People and stone statues, flowers and plastic […]

Only if the first sign

The heat of summer is mixed with the cold of winter inside. Use extreme contrast to show your inner abundance. Anyway, I also had a smooth life. I met you in a hurry. Familiar with side face. But I can’t remember the last time I saw it, the season and the smell in the air. […]


The weather is very depressing, just like the mood I used to have. A little tired, a little painful, because I didn’t want others to find my vulnerability, but pretended to be strong. Stop the tears, let the depressed feeling manyan. I remembered the black memories in those gloomy times, which covered the beauty cruelly […]