Thoughts of writing long novels

Maybe I am very arrogant, but I am very confident. I have been studying writing for a long time, and finally I have not achieved much, but I am not discouraged; Because I like literature and regard literature as life; I often think that maybe I won’t be famous for writing for my whole life, […]

Morning Capriccio

In this cold morning, when I opened the window, the slight wind blew my face. I didn’t feel cold at this time, but immersed myself in the pleasant breeze. In front of my eyes, there were several tall trees. The sparse leaves on the branches were just like the teeth of the old man who […]

Fly with the wings of imagination

Because I live in the northeast, about half a year is winter, the Earth is covered by ice and snow, and the world is boundless. From the rustling autumn wind blowing, I was looking forward to the coming of spring, looking forward to it. From the Spring Festival to the sudden sting, from the sudden […]