Cloudy style

The rain fell, and there was no sign in the Sunny Sun. Light and Light, unconsciously slowed down the rhythm of the heart. I like cloudy days, simple style, graceful sadness, looking at the sky, thinking of a quiet place left behind. Whenever I look at the sky, I no longer like to talk. Just […]

Home miscellanies

The small village in my hometown has a remote geographical location, which is far away from roads and railways. It is very inconvenient to travel, especially when the weather is windy and rainy, there are fewer people on the road, the inconvenient transportation leads to the block of news, and I know little about the […]

Notes of summer work (1

Who made the heart-inch grass, at a three Chunhui. Forget that put up the strain in a white stained layers of silver; Not forget that day and night waiting for infection deep folds; Not forget that Mimi of sentence and care; forget that feared delay return thick injury worry; Forget West under the setting sun […]