Reading too late

People, when you don’t want to read books and don’t have enlightenment, you can’t read books by death. Carrying a schoolbag is just a decoration. When I want to read books, I feel that books are full of golden houses, and books are as bright as jade, so that I can get twice the result […]

Cultivate the beauty of Soul

To be a true of people, not only to have external teachers’manner and have inner beauty of the soul, and the beauty of the soul, must has Germany, talented an education, knowledge. De is conduct ethics. Good character, do things can down-to-earth, making friends can Open Hearts. Moral noble, to get other people’s recognition and […]

Sitting quietly, thoughts under the flower tree

The wind in April gradually became hot, and the occasional heavy rain dispersed the dry heat in the air. Out of the corner of my eyes, I looked at the scene of this season. The fallen leaves in that place reflected the dim spring of this spring. The birdsong of the late return, at this […]