Forget and willing

Forgetting is a kind of grace, and being willing is a kind of wisdom. Someone said. Yes, only by forgetting what should be forgotten can life be happy and carefree; Only by knowing how to be willing to those extra things can life be more wonderful. There is a kind of soup in the legend, […]

Criticism to Wang Fang

New things will give me old memories. Am I really running crazily and falling luxuriously. Listening to the same song repeatedly every day, we never knew that our heart would hurt. We used to be so happy. What is it now? I used a pencil to sketch the scene of all encounters. I was always […]

Winter rain fall Jiangnan, listening the yell of life

The rain in early winter and the coldness of silk fell down in the picturesque south of the Yangtze River, without the decline of fallen leaves or the bleak yellow, occasionally giving people novelty and exclamation, the beautiful picture of the world, there is an indescribable contrast to the ice and snow of the north, […]