Living with die

I passed away one after another with my classmate’s two female companions. One is a relapse of heart disease after drinking, and the other is a car accident. I once asked the people who attended the funeral in detail what they looked like when they died. The girl who died of drinking was in her […]


The complex of Yingshanhong is still a matter of childhood. The most red moon flower in the world is Yingshan red. This jingle known to all women and children in my hometown is my initial understanding of Yingshanhong. Every April day, the front and back of the house in my hometown and the mountain corner […]

The similarities between collecting antiques and making friends

When you see an antique, its appearance is very beautiful, with dragons and phoenixes on it. Although the price is numerous, it is placed in a bright counter, so you should be careful and careful. It is likely to be fake, may worthless. An antique with no pattern on it. It is a little ugly […]