Heart essays

Looking at the lonely bare branches outside the window, my heart was also desolate and inexplicably Slim. Maybe it was the cold winter that injected a cold part into my heart and added some sadness to my heart, maybe because I care too much about something, I can’t let go for a long time. At […]

Feeling of Life

A few days ago, I went to attend a full moon banquet for a relative’s child. The scene was very grand, with an emcee hosting and a special video. The parents of the child spoke one after another, followed by Grandpa. Host: your grandson’s name is Baiyuan. Can you talk about the origin of this […]

Want to say a thousand words, but no words

Desire and thousands of words, but no words, want to cry with sorrow, but silently, the eyes that look at each other are flashing empty. In the cold winter, the mood that should have been hibernating was dripping with exhaustion and decline. Looking back on the way of coming, it was drenched, coming and going, […]