Messy flowers are becoming charming

Yesterday, I went to a clothing store in the county to buy clothes. Upon entering the door, the shopkeeper served you enthusiastically. Elder sister, the clothes here are suitable for rural women like you, and the price is cheap. You can look left and right, pick and choose, and there is no good luck. On […]

The only day to miss in the new year

The 2012 New Year passed like this. It was plain and plain. With the growth of age, my heart gradually couldn’t feel the atmosphere of the new year. The red lantern hanging downstairs is the only symbol of the new year. The Spring Festival Gala of CCTV must be watched every year, waiting for the […]

A touch of autumn

After dinner, I asked my classmates to go for a walk by the river. To be exact, it was by the East River of Pingshui. I can’t get out of there, maybe there is a Mark I can’t erase, maybe there is no place to go. The Tiger was very powerful in autumn yesterday, but […]

My poetry Pilgrim

Writing poetry was my dream when I was young, due to the infection of my grandfather. My grandfather was an excellent rural intellectual in the period of the Republic of China. Therefore, after liberation, he became a landlord gloriously and received some unfair treatment from ZF. But he was very popular and had never received […]

Women’s dating

At noon, after settling down my son, I took the bus and rushed to the appointed place with my friends. The meeting with friends had been agreed before the National Day. Unfortunately, we are all helpless now, so this agreement has been delayed for a long time until now. Since I received a call from […]