Heartbroken word, graceful Jessamine herb

The lyrics of the secluded residents living in the Southern Song Dynasty always give people sorrow and sorrow. What is the nature? The mood of a woman is stuck in love and thought all her life. A woman is made of water, and tears accompany sorrow and flow forever. The continuous moist, hard to find […]

Old Time, qi luo xiang

The sky is empty in June, sometimes white clouds are like floc, and sometimes rain drops. My mood is half bright and half sad. The clouds float lightly, and the lilac flowers are strong. Light purple, white umbrella-shaped flower balls, cluster on the branches. The bustling flowering period was crowded with clothes of early summer. […]

Cold when · chunzhiyun song

The hard board bed at home is like a boat moored in the river of time. It made me sleep soundly, unwilling to wake up. When the sun climbed up the treetop quietly through the mist between buildings, I woke up. Leaning against the window, a swallow incited its wings to fly towards me. My […]