Love if the video from

Life is always changeable, and each of us can’t put down the unhappiness in our hearts. Maybe it is just a small matter depressed in our hearts, or maybe it is a big setback in our hearts, which hinders our pace forward. Happy things time is always unwilling to stay, but sad things are always […]

Qianshan Twilight

Thousands of mountains and snow, all the way is sunny with hazy sky, following the steps of autumn tigers. All the Way was ready to go, sweating like rain under the scorching sun. As the sunset went west, we dragged our exhaustion, and the long figure and the nonsense song fell behind us, telling the […]


The universe is as vast as a sea of smoke and boundless at a loss. Among the stars all over the sky, any star may be larger than the mass of the Earth. Any star is the product of nature and a part of the big family of the universe, all of them have sparkling […]