Can’t Stop the Rain can’t stop the thoughts

It rained when I came out with an umbrella! Fortunately, I have formed a habit of keeping an umbrella often and preparing myself for more at any time. Maybe there will be some potential danger when you don’t realize it! I don’t know this is danger or misplaced! I like to hide under umbrellas and […]

90, my mind, my time

We met at the crossroads that day without too much language. We passed by each other and were always expecting to let each other turn back, but no one turned back. We once thought that in each other’s world, we are just the only one. We just didn’t expect that reality would really change everything, […]

Happiness is a feeling

For a marriage, if two people live for a long time, love or not is no longer important. Because of family affection, each other’s concern will replace the original everything. Compared with pots and pans, love is a luxury after all! Although daily necessities are not really digging for love, love has to give up […]

You are gradually blurred, love is still clear

You and I once met in the season that never withered. Now there is a vast sea of people. You are no longer my return. The autumn wind blows the old fragrance and adds autumn frost. The night is so quiet, the Moonlight is shining in the dew, glittering, can you see it? It is […]

My mother

I still remember when I was in primary school, the teacher asked us to write about a person around me, so I picked up the pen and wrote about my mother, who had a pair of big eyes. A big nose. The teacher next to a big mouth came over and looked at it. Asked […]