Star in your own movie

Life seems to be busy, but I feel that I have done nothing. After thinking it over, I really don’t know what to say or do. The stretched hand only grasped the empty space; The twisted head only saw the wind behind him. Thinking of the road when I came and the people who left, […]

You are my tears for a summer

The sunshine in summer is very dazzling. It passes through the cracks between leaves, pierces into my eyes straightly, enlarges in the center of my pupil, and deeply penetrates into the deep dark whirlpool. It was such a cold night again. I vaguely saw myself standing in the corner filled by darkness, who was once […]

qiu cheng

(1) Autumn city is not the city of autumn. It is not necessary to understand in this way. I think I just choose a suitable name for the place where the story happened. You don’t have to look for this place on the map. It’s just a proxy name, and you don’t have to worry […]

Those warm woven days

A few days ago, my son came back from his classmate’s home and brought a half-woven sweater and said to me: Mom, Xiaoqiang’s mother said that she was too busy recently, so she really didn’t have time to finish weaving this sweater. I volunteered to get it back, please help her finish weaving. Boy! Hearing […]