Heart with launch

A new barber shop named Jiayu was opened at the gate of the community. My mother was reasonable. It was just the right time for my hair to be trimmed, so I came to this shop gladly. The barber is a young woman less than thirty years old, with plain appearance and moderate attitude. The […]

Snow essays

I like snow and its white color; I like its glittering and translucent; I like its quietness; I like its dancing posture; I like its elegance. Whenever it snows, I will run to the wild, quietly, silently staring at its beautiful image. Look at its flawless, its tranquility and Clea, let snowflakes kiss my cheek, […]

For spring

The teacher assigned an article to look at the picture and write a sentence, and the proposition was “looking for spring”. In the picture, there are several peach blossoms and willow branches in the drizzle, and two swallows are flying among them. When the child is in the first grade, she is not good at […]